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The 's 56th Annual Meeting took place from May 27 to 30 in Seattle and attracted about 4, cheap nike air max shoes 500 attendees from 50 different nations. The meeting presented a record number of abstracts and offered sessions for a diverse membership that includes physicians, therapists, public health workers, and basic science researchers. "But there was something for everyone. We covered everything from the fatigue mechanisms of exercise performance and adipose tissue storage and function to the effects of physical activity on lifespan, brain function, and cognition."
Highlights included "Human Evolution, Endurance Running and Injury," nike air max 2014 sale a lecture presented by Harvard University biological anthropologist, Dan Lieberman. "He discussed how man evolved into a species that is very good at running," Pivarnik said. Micheli's work is potentially practice changing because it may affect how pediatricians deal with kids who want to be athletic," Pivarnik said. "He discussed how different sports affect injury risk in children who are growing at different rates, and how pediatricians can recommend which sports may be best for a particular child."
Multiple sessions addressed issues specific to female athletes, including the effects of hormones on fat deposition and the effects of physical activity on the risk of chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Two studies challenged the conventional wisdom that video games cannot contribute to physical fitness. They found that the boxing game was associated with moderate intensity increases in heart rate and VO2, 2014 air max sale uk while the tennis and aerobics games were associated with light intensity increases. Another study of older adults showed that the boxing game significantly increased heart rate and boosted mood.
For example, Lisa K. Sprod, of the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, surveyed 4,296 women to see how physical activity levels at ages 10 to 15, 15 to 30, 30 to 50, and 50 plus are associated with breast cancer. Although Sprod and colleagues found that activity levels at ages 10 to 2014 air max womens 30 were unrelated to future disease risk, they found that highly competitive women ages 30 to 50 were significantly less likely than women with lower activity levels to develop breast cancer, and that highly competitive women above age 50 had a significantly lower risk than older women who exercised less than 60 minutes per week. "Meeting physical activity recommendations can act like a prescription for prevention when it comes to breast cancer."
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